I’m sorry I am too much

to understand, to interpret

that my words overtake you into a million dimensions

I’m sorry I see more in you than you could imagine yourself

that everything you dream I save as a dream of my own

I’m sorry I latched onto what never was

as I beckoned you from the floor, twisted tips of burnt fingers from when we last held hands

I’m sorry I thought I knew you

that my intuition surpassed your expectations, robbing your pride

only to discover that your flaws are my sanctuary, that I never want to touch gold because in your eyes it built a solid home

I’m sorry I feel more than my heart should be capable of

the deep sorrows you never saw as I stared at you when you spoke

I’m sorry you are my miracle, an estranged surprise that makes our love seems strange

how in a room with hundreds of strangers, are you still a stranger to me?

Once you said saying sorry a lot sounds repetitive and that I should change it to another word

I was sown to sorry, but you suggested “apologize”

And so,

I apologize for feeling too much

I apologize for seeing more in you than the world could imagine

I apologize for stepping over your pride

I apologize for knowing you more than you thought I would in such short time

I apologize for everything good you never expected from me

but even if the earth split into an abyss of darkness, destroying all of the mundane things that disguise this life as sane

even if I was left with nothing but foul death

I will never apologize for falling in love with you


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