December 02, 2016 -The Beauty of Loss

As I woke up today faith deeply resonated with me, and how I must strive to keep it alive. At the moment, my happiness is overflowing and it is a direct result of simply being grateful for the small things in life. It is that simple. However, we do not learn to appreciate such tiny things in our daily lives, unless we have encountered a great loss. Unless we have given everything up to obtain one mere speck of something we want, and still in the end finish with less than what we started with. It is only when we go through this that we are thankful for the light in the morning that we see everyday as a ritual, but it is not. It is a gift we did not ask for, but must be thankful for. So, if we view all of our mis happenings from this perspective I say it is a good thing bad things happen to us sometimes, because we learn about the imperfections of the world, and the imperfections we have ourselves. Knowing that we are imperfect only proves that there is a perfect being from which we come from, or else we would not profoundly feel our imperfectness. It takes previous experience from perfection, to understand that we are not that, and that in itself is a beautiful realization to have.

As I drove in my car, I sang to songs that ignited my heart, that vibrated the vocals in my throat, with the trix-swirl like sunset that I love. I felt so happy, and I suddenly realized that I love myself. That every memory I have of my happiness consists of me, and the rose-colored glasses I never wanted to take off. That no matter how absurd my ideals of the world are, I love that I love hard, because even if I feel too much, it is only because I love in the way that God loves me, and it is a graceful fleeting feeling. Throughout all, it is good to remember that while experience brings some knowledge, pain and suffering bring eternal wisdom.


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