December 03, 2016- Near Death Experience

“Love brings much more happiness, than grief brings to pain”. -Albert E.

Everyday, I try to remind myself to simply slow down, and breathe. Sometimes it is necessary to leave the stress of the things bothering you, and just take a moment to look around you. We become so lost in our own worlds, that we forget that there are millions of people just like us who are trying to get through the day. Last night, as I drove back from the mall the brakes on my car gave out for a good .05 seconds and my heart stopped for an eternity. I remember only thinking that I was going to crash straight into the car in front of me and nothing else. All I remember thinking was that I was going to die, it kept repeating in the back of my head. “THIS IS IT HILDA” I thought I would have some flashback of great memories or revelation but everything was empty. Then one memory I least expected surfaced, and it was about the woman and her child that I gave a free chipotle coupon to earlier, as she stood in line with her son.

I would have never thought that would be one of my last thoughts as I went through a near death experience. But it was. This made me think about how one act can change the epitome of one person’s perception, and if it can do that can it not change the world? I did not know anything about that woman, or her son. But, the only thing I knew was that I was happy. I was so happy, that my instinct to give a stranger my help grew immensely, and made me feel great. It made me feel so great, the memory subconsciously stayed with me, and stayed by me until this fatal point where I had no control of anything in my mind. Happiness is a divine power. It goes hand and hand with love. You cannot the purest of  one, without the other. It is as divine as forgiveness, the two greatest divinities that you cannot hold or touch physically, but feel within you. These are the two precious gifts we should give to people around us, and most importantly ourselves. Often, it is difficult to remain in this mindset with the negative of everything and everyone coming in and out of our lives. I have noticed that when this happens, I close my eyes and take a breather, thinking about all the happy things I am thankful to have in my life, and after a few minutes I open my eyes to see that nothing in this world is ever too big or problematic for God. I notice that the stress of things happening around us, is temporary, and that in all everything in this world is temporary, except the way we love. We are not responsible for how others hate, or corrupt others, that is their choice. There are many things to be doubtful about in this world, but one I am definite of is that people will forget everything you ever did, but will always remember how you made them feel. It all starts with you. The universe is infinite, and the answer to “misunderstanding and prejudices comes from the universal force of love”- A.E

That being said, your happiness is yours, and yours only. You should never depend your happiness on someone else because they can destroy it, and once it is gone you realize that you not only lived through them, you lived for them. Live for yourself, because the truest love out there is not  constantly ‘trying’ to make someone happy, it is when someone else’s happiness becomes your happiness too.

I have learned, happiness is a gift that is exchanged within two people, and it comes in the smallest of things.  Whether it be a friend, or partner, or both, give the love you never received with your whole heart. When something in your life is not solvable through any means of strain or effort, it is when you must step back and realize that maybe it doesn’t need fixing or change, you just need to accept that you cannot change things. You can only change the way you love more, in hope that people can do the same. Allow happiness to come from within you. Let it fill the corners of everything you do, speak, and feel. Allow your happy moments to be the result of your love, and that way you learn to be responsible for your happiness and not anyone else’s.

Shoutout to Albert Einstein for the inspiration for today’s blog. You the man.


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