December 4, 2016 -The Mind Vs. The Heart

“The Heart is the New Mind” -Madisen Harper


Which one should we listen to?

The mind is a part of us that tells us how to rationally deal with things. It tells us what to do, and let’s action take place for decisions to be made. It is the practical side of things. But oh, how I wish it were that simple. If it wasn’t for the heart, people would probably get more things done. I know I would. The heart in one definition, is the reason for our existence, so much so that when I am ever in doubt of anything I take a moment, and feel my heart beating. I let it consume me, and it reminds me that I am truly alive. When we encounter situations in our lives, it is challenging to conquer our minds, and our hearts to be in sync with one solemn decision. You see, decisions are the foundation of conflict between the mind and the heart, because the two often respond in different ways. In order to fully grasp the distinction between the two, it is crucial to develop the whole theories of both the mind, and the heart.

I believe our minds deceive us, because we look past the truth at times. With the mind comes our ego, and the voices of jealously, hatred, resentment, anger, blame, ignorance, and pride. That’s why our mind always wins in a game of choice. But if love is a game, is it really love? It is the perception of a situation that gives us an impression of long-term unrealistic ideas, that prevent us from using our heart. These ideas are not necessarily true, but sometimes our first impressions of them are so profound that we have no control over how we think about someone, or something for eternity. The mind, unlike the heart, likes to be very independent, doing things for the greater benefit of our self-image only, and how others will see us on the outside. It cannot make out anything without, fact, reason, and proof. Our minds can make us selfish, cruel people. Our minds by themselves have a complex inner-working already, but this is why it becomes ten times harder to process and understand things in our heads when it comes to ‘love’. In love there is no reason, or at least there shouldn’t be, if it is real love our minds will the trigger thoughts first. It is like a cocaine addiction, that is tied with an euphoric sensation. Our minds handle the occasional dose of dopamine and oxytocin. However, the mind does not know how to deal with something greater than itself, because the way we feel cannot be powered by the way we think.

When we think, we are. To think, is to be, and therefore we are. “I think, therefore I am”, as Decartes says. Just because you think you are in love, doesn’t mean you truly are, but if you are thinking that you are, then that is the only thing that is certain. They are two separate things, but we cannot use one without the other sometimes, and this mostly happens when we fall in love. The mind tells you what to do, when it sends signals to your heart when you are beginning to fall in love.

The heart wants what is wants. Yes, I quoted Selena Gomez, but she knows what she’s talking about. There are things in this life that we must accept we can never understand completely, and that is our heart. This is tied to the people we come across our lives that we choose to fall in love with, or even just the people we don’t choose that we love, like our family. Our heart is brave, and it goes against all odds to often humiliate us, inevitably left for the brain to clean up for the people and the things we love. I have a love-hate relationship with my heart, because honestly it is very stupid. Our hearts are fools in the face of love, but it keeps on going every time because it never gives up. The heart needs attention to function, that is, hearing it out even when the idea is absurd, because it is likely that is what you need to do. Unlike the mind, the heart is persistent in what you know is right, and fights with each beat for love, because it was made with it. Our hearts can also deceive the mind, but only when it is trying to convince our minds of something we know is not true. This is when it becomes shaky. When our hearts break, and the rose-colored glasses break with it. It is in heart break, though, that we learn that our heart is with us through the good, and the bad. There are many moments in my love life that I look back on, and don’t remember completely doing, because when you take heart above hurt it all becomes sort of hazy. That’s the power of our heart. It allows you to own yourself to a moment forever, like the first time you fall in love. Falling in love has many definitions, but I have learned that our hearts don’t require one to make it any less real or true. To me, Love is when your heart is happy. It is the time you can only hold in the palm of your hands, that requires sacrifice, and loving imperfections. (even your own.)  It is when nothing makes sense, and when you find yourself questioning if your mind even exists, because for the most part it will be on the longest vacation of it’s time.

That said, whether we choose to listen to our mind, or to our heart, they will always be connected to one another in some way. We may use one more than the other, but I believe the heart is where the truth lies, in the end, through the middle, and in the beginning of everything. Listen to your heart and see all that it brings is forgiveness, unity, freedom, peace, wisdom, love, acceptance and understanding all components of a beautiful, clean soul. If love is a game, when we use our hearts we never loose. Not even once.

Listen to your heart, and you will never stop finding reasons to be happy.


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