December 5, 2016 – Miracles

We choose whether or not we want to see the miracles in our lives. Two nights ago on the 3rd, I was wishing I could just run away to a far city somewhere. If I could I would drive to the next city and stay there for a while to get away from everything. I looked up at the sky at 2am, tired and restless from school and the constellations of the stars shone brighter than I had seen in a while. They weren’t even this close up front during the summer, and as I stayed outside a little longer one star caught my eye. It flickered on and off, and it stood out above all the stars in the sky. I looked up the constellations for that night on my phone and it said that orion’s belt was laid out as well as a star named “Sirius.” I re-searched the star, as I stood outside my house staring at the lights above me, and I came to learn that it is the brightest star in the sky, second to the Sun.

I knew then that nothing else mattered in that moment, only me and this beautiful star that kept blinking, making all the other stars look even more brighter, I thought maybe this is the way we should be. Maybe this is the way that we see people we love, above all the rest, they are a light in the night sky. In the same way, we can be that light to others. This was something so little that I didn’t expect, that made my day a whole lot better. Miracles happen everyday in our lives, small and puny but they prove that what we worry about at times might not be as big of a deal as we think. That this massive world is much greater than the problems we face daily, and the only way I have accepted to love my life, is to accept that. I’ll never stop looking for the brightest star in the sky at night, because Sirius gave me hope, and that’s one thing about myself I wish I could rub off on everyone; my hope. That is something new I learned about myself this year, that I never really took into consideration. Hope, is my foundation, and the reason why I can never see past the bad, only towards the good. The good should out weigh the bad in every case, but it is the very opposite nowadays. This is why I choose to be exactly what I would want in the world, I choose to be peace, to be serenity, to be free of judgment, and to simply be who I want to be.

So maybe miracles aren’t a great revelation of ideas, or a giant unexpected a hundred dollar bill on the street, but the way certain people and events create a spark in the course of our lives that changes it for the better, and more importantly in the process, also changes us.

              “If you don’t believe in miracles, perhaps you have forgotten that you are one.”730c6e569a1a6097eec5e99b6ac5e85e



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