December 6, 2016- The Light in People

“I saw your promises in the stars,  before they gleamed with hope
and I took them like water
to my throat
taking gulps, slower,
more painful by time
as each one came true
for I could never
how on earth I
met you.” -H.C

I’ve learned that throughout our lives we encounter versions of ourselves, in the people we learn to love. I believe these people are the ones that are placed in our paths to not only show us the way we need to go, but also to inspire us. When we meet these people, we see the universe in unity with them, and that is what this picture means to me. Unity comes in all ways, but only true unity comes from finding the light in people. Seeing the good above the cruel and malice and choosing to have hope. Whether they go or stay, some people will always be the lights that ignite my fire, and the lights that guide me home, and these are the ones I am always thankful for. They know who they are.



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