December 7, 2016

I seek adventure in everything I do, and in every where I go. I think every one feels this way at this age, which is why I don’t think much of it. All of my energy goes into feeling something more, into running, into talking, and whatever else I can do and fit into one day. School is depressing, but it gives me a chance to think about what I really want to do in my life, because I feel like I haven’t figured it out completely. English has been what I wanted to do for so long but lately I have been feeling like it is not something that excites me anymore. Maybe it’s the semester weighing down on me, or my own stress but regardless it’s made me think about my options. I will never stop writing, and that is a promise I will hold dearly in my heart till my dying breathe, but maybe I want to write about different things instead of Virginia Wolf, and T.S Elliot. I want to write about people I meet and the places I go, and I know. Someday, when the places I come to know are more than the words I write that will be the day I know I have found a little piece of myself through my passion. Up to this point, my life is a story in itself, so everyday I make it a goal to have a story to tell. This is the ambition of many writers, including myself.

People ask me, “how do you have a story for everything?”

A better question is, “how can you make everything you experience a story?


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