December 8, 2016 –

Why does it feel like we are expected to do so much in so little time?

I feel like my parents don’t understand that school is a big part of my time, and it is now my second home basically because this semester has been terribly brutal. My classes are okay, but the material is getting harder and harder, and it takes a few minutes for me to just stop and breathe. I do breathing exercises to help me relax, and I set timers on my phone to update me on the small things I should be thankful for everyday. I texted an old friend of mine today for his birthday, and it was great to know how time is never an intruder to true alliances, and the people that are meant to be in our lives. Whenever I feel stressed, or depressed I sit outside looking up at the sky, and sometimes I get to see the stars out. The sky relaxes me, and so does sleep, but that’s just a luxury for college students every where. If we keep running we don’t end up seeing the bigger picture, and what all of us really want to be doing. I sit in class thinking, why can’t I be those success stories on the news, or why can’t I just move away to New York and do something there. Well, I can. It is precisely those ideas that you think of as impossible, that can be what make you irrevocably happy. If I choose to follow those instead, what could happen? Who could I become? It is never too late to do what makes your heart beat, and I am searching for that, I know that every day I am one step closer to finding it.


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