What is Your definition of love?

It is all temporary hell, for the right to love” -H.C

I think every year I will have a different definition of love. I believe that it why there is not one universal definiton anyone agrees on, and why it is arguable to many people. This year was enlightening, and I learned that love is a self-less emotion, and it should not be taken for granted. This year was the heartbreak year for most of the people that I know, and it got me thinking, all these people made it through, with a new notion of what love is to them. So I decided to list what my definition of love is right now, at the end of 2016, and also include some of my favorite definitions I found on instagram from people around the world. This is their response to someone’s question post: What is falling in love/love? I have realized that the best way to find one definition, is to always have a new one every time.

My definition: Love is seeing someone else be happy with and without you. It is friendship on fire, and the person that you can’t hurt because it hurts you to see them in any pain. No conditions, no pre-judgments, just you caring forever and ever. It is horrible and wonderful at the same time, but wherever the relationship ends you learn that you have to fall in love more than once, and love allows you to do that in this lifetime. That is the greatest gift of all. Love is a priceless gift.

(@fiameltham) Letting someone else add to your happiness, you’ve got to make sure you’re a whole and being added to, not a half becoming whole because if you are, it will kill when you become a half again. Let them add to your happiness instead of relying on them to create it. Falling in love is like when you spin in circles and can’t help but smile at how amazing blurred everything is

(@thornsonroses16) Falling in love for me was like discovering a new part of myself. A part of myself that didn’t exist before him. Falling in love was realizing that I never understood myself completely. I discovered things that annoy me, that excite me, that sadden me, that hurt me, that make me uncontrollably laugh, and things that make me feel as if I can fly. Falling in love was like emerging from the water I had found myself emerged in and discovering what it was like to breath the fresh air. I can’t say it’s painless, but it is something I don’t think I’ll ever regret.

(@Kelseyben10) It’s a friendship that evolves into this hunger to know everything about this one person and maintain their happiness no matter the cost, because they’re what maintains your happiness. Some people think falling in love can happen in an instant, but really if you look back on a relationship when it first started, you’ll realize you love your person now more than you ever thought you would, and it’ll just continue to grow as you learn all their little ins and outs. Being in love is literally having a best friend that doubles as your lover.

(@6c.hen9): True love in my opinion isn’t a product of these hormones. It isn’t the fluttering of your heart. It isn’t when you feel like fainting when you see the one you love. Love is something you have to really think over. Love when you feel safe and secure and warm around your significant other. Not a rush of feelings. For those are temporary. Love isn’t feeling happy and content imaging scenarios in your head and assuming a personality for that unknown vessel of a person. Love is falling for the past memories that DID happen, how they make you feel, and how they affect you as a person. Love is when both parties can help each other become a better version of themselves. When they open each other’s eyes to aspects of life they never knew. When they help fix each other’s faults and nurture their strengths

(@Emily_clair333) I suddenly realized how much I care about the person, I thought “why am I crying? I never cry over guys?” I think love is when you find the person in this space where you think they’re perfect, yet you know they aren’t. You see their imperfections but you don’t care and it makes you love them even more, it adds to their perfection. You genuinely care if they had a good day, or if they are excited about something, you are to. Nothing is forced. It always comes in the most unexpected way. It’s someone you never thought you’d fall for.

(@lalpaccapancake) It’s like seeing the world through a filtered lens, you begin to look at things in new ways. That couple that’s always holding hands in the hallway and hugging in the middle of the street, the one that used to annoy the hell out of you, suddenly you understand them. You understand why you never see them apart, why they are always touching in some way, why when ones looking away the other stares with clear passion and adoration at the one they’ve fallen for. But you also see the dark side of things, like when that couple isn’t holding hands as much anymore. You notice when one looks away, and the other does too. You see people falling in love, and it’s breathtaking. You see people falling out of love, and it’s absolutely terrifying. Long story short, love changes everything about how you look at the world and the people in it, and just about the only thing you can control is whether that for better, or worse.

(@youmessedupzuri) Everything is beautiful in that moment. The way they sleep, the look in their eyes when they look back at you, the upbeat sound in their voice when they talk about something they’re passionate about. Everything about them becomes so breathtaking. Then suddenly, the look in their eyes gets cold and they don’t have an upbeat tone when you ask them about their dreams anymore. They become distant and don’t seem to care. Then out or no where, you lose them. You get so confused and hurt because you swore that no one could fake loving you like they did. But they say that all of it was a lie. You continue to love them. Because no one had ever made you feel the way that they had. You start dating someone else to try and make yourself forget, but you compare and contrast the two people, only causing that relationship to fail. I love you. And it’s not because of the way we started or ended. It was the entire time, I never once doubted that I loved you. Not one inch of my body denied that what I felt was justified and real. That is what love is to me. Knowing that every piece of me loved every part of you. And I would kill to have that back.


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