Is Beauty Real?

“Beauty is no quality in things themselves: It exists merely in the mind which contemplates them; and each mind perceives a different beauty.” – Hume

Beauty is nature’s way of acting at a distance. There are a lot of things in my life that I identify as beautiful. Around me and within the people around me. Finding beautiful things isn’t difficult, until I realized that beauty is subjective, and the purest kind is found from within. You see the best things aren’t things, they are people, they are moments, they are times you can never get back for any number of reasons.  When we rely on “things” to make us feel full and whole our joy is measured, when in reality our joy should come in abundance from the non-measurable, that is the beauty of everything. Since I quit social media, I find the beauty in the smallest of instances, and moments. I look back to all the times in my life I took for granted, wanting there to be something “more” than what it really was and I laugh for ever thinking I could have wanted anything else. We all have different perceptions on what beauty is, but what is it really? Comment on any ideas you may have.

This year, I came across friends that in my heart are beautiful people, some which I lost and some that I strengthened. It was and has been a hard time to put energy into building new relationships but through the rough I learned what beauty really is.

We can see beauty in the things that make us happy. It is only when we see the beauty in how others make us feel that we fall in love with life, and realize that nothing is ever that serious if we feed it love. Beauty is often disguised in looks and makeup, but I try to find beauty beyond the physical, and straight into the meta-physics, where the things we don’t see and can’t touch can radiate light into my world. To me, God is beauty, meditation is beautiful, and the people I have in my life at the moment are here forever. That is why the best things aren’t just things, they are primarily people. The best things are us.


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