100 Things I learned in 2016


  1. Once you realize you deserve better, you become better.
  2. Be enough for yourself and no one else.
  3. The world does not stop for you, so you must not stop because of the world and its inconveniences
  4. Do not depend your happiness on somebody else, because they will let you down every time.
  5. Some people will let you down in life, but not everyone. There are good ones out there who will make life better, and deserve what you have to give.
  6. We ALWAYS accept the love we think we deserve.
  7. Happiness is found within yourself, by doing the things you love the most every day.
  8. Forgiveness is an ongoing process.
  9. When you let go of someone you love it does not mean you forget or are careless, it means you are ready to accept life for what it is; a journey, not a destination.
  1. It is the people that no one imagines’ anything of, that do the unimaginable
  2. The people who hurt you, are the people you are most vulnerable to, do not give them the power to take over.
  3. When you expose yourself to your deepest fears, your fear has no power anymore.
  4. You don’t have to justify yourself to anyone, speak what you feel, and be confident in what you believe to be true.
  5. Tacos de Anda only taste good if you are drunk.
  6. You cannot control another person you can only control the way you deal with it.
  7. One decision will always seem too small to be the biggest decision of your life, but they are the ones you never forget.
  8. The only way to go through shit is to go through it, not around it.
  9. Hurt people, hurt people.
  10. The way you treat yourself is the way others treat you.
  11. If you truly love someone you put their needs before yours.
  12. When you let go of someone, it is for yourself only and no one else.
  13. You can love someone indefinitely but not want them back in your life.
  14. Everyone deals with things differently, do not try to understand what they are going through. Sometimes you can’t.
  15. No matter how hard you try, the wrong people for you will not become the right people for you. When we love the right person, they will love us back.
  16. You cannot fix anyone; you can only hope they learn to love and fix themselves.
  17. Prayer is essential to healing your soul of any bad things that may bother it.
  18. The things we can’t change are the reasons we love them.
  19. People don’t change, time just allows them to showcase who they really are.
  20. One hug can say a thousand unspoken words.
  21. Things don’t change, they are destroyed and recreated. -Decartes
  22. Relationships do not define you, nor does how many girls/guys you are talking to
  23. No one can tell you how to feel, only you know how you feel.
  24. Appreciate what you have, in order enjoy the small things around you that can make you happy.
  25. “Eyebrows are the nipples of the face” – Jailene
  26. We love the people that hurt us, and we hurt the people that love us.
  27. Time heals almost everything. Time is my best friend.
  28. People say things they don’t mean when they are mad at themselves for being wrong.
  29. The people that belong in your life will always find a way back to you.
  30. If it doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t
  31. Do what makes you happy, as long as you don’t hurt someone else.
  32. Unconditional love does not mean losing your self-respect and morals.
  33. It is okay to fall in love with the wrong person.
  34. Less is more.
  35. Working out can relieve stress and problems for a while.
  36. If you do not like something, it is better to speak up and be judged, than to never have said anything.
  37. If you cannot love yourself, you cannot love someone else or expect someone to love you.
  38. You will forget many people, but never the way they made you feel.
  39. Blue cheese is actually pretty good.
  40. If you love someone, tell them. Please.
  41. Distance from a person allows you time to become who you are meant to be, the person you once never thought you had the courage to become.
  42. Courage and Bravery are two different things. Courage comes from the heart, and bravery is an act of impulse. Courage wins every time.
  43. Parties aren’t going anywhere, you won’t die alone, you don’t have to have things figured out. So slow down. Breathe.
  44. The dreams you remember the most often, tell you things about yourself you don’t want to admit. Write them down.
  45. Beer is disgusting, but it gets you drunk.
  46. A mistake is just a mistake unless you make the same one twice.
  47. My family is a blessing to have in my life.
  48. Real friends won’t ever leave, and will always come back
  49. Do not believe the light in their eyes, until you have seen the white in their lies.
  50. The moment you forget God; is the moment you start to feel like nothing makes any sense.
  51. Most of the time you aren’t lost or confused, you are just afraid to change.
  52. Deepwater Horizon is the best oil movie I have seen.
  53. People lie to you when they cannot tell themselves the truth.
  54. If you miss someone let them know, or wherever they are, close your eyes and send them your love.
  55. The things that only feel good at the moment, make you feel worse in the end.
  56. Friendship breakups are worse than relationship break-ups.
  57. Oreo thins are way better than regular Oreos.
  58. Distance by Hercules is my favorite existentialist theme song
  59. Running takes more endurance than you could imagine, it makes you feel alive and free. Do it more often.
  60. Too much pride and ego can tear people apart.
  61. It is not always about us; we cannot blame ourselves for someone else’s decisions or actions.
  62. Thank everyone who hurt you, because they taught you how to love selflessly, boldly, and fearlessly.
  63. Wanting the best for ourselves is not selfish.
  1. If you give in to the hate and anger, you only destroy yourself even more. Feel anger, feel hate, then gradually send peace.
  2. Do not set yourself on fire to keep others warm, if they do not even care to ask if it’s getting too hot.
  3. “The Heart Wants What It Wants” is just a song that makes you think you shouldn’t let go. Let it go.
  4. You do not ‘need’ someone to validate you. Validate yourself.
  5. You are beautiful, and no one can tell you otherwise.
  6. If you text three people you love and tell them you appreciate them, the responses will make you feel loved.
  7. Memories are the thing we should cherish the most, amidst all the chaos in the world. They are the pieces of the people we once knew, and wish we could meet again.
  8. When you are happy, others around you will feel it too.
  9. You only get one chance to be bold, so take it when you can.
  10. Do what scares you, because everything we fear has already happened to us.
  11. Accept what is, let go of what isn’t, and you can slowly learn to move on from the past.
  12. We do not have free will. The past is what makes us who we are; determinism.
  13. You can have a party with five people on a sidewalk, a pack of beer, and a guy on crutches, as long as you are with the people you love. -Jessica
  14. The people you love should not make you suffer, that is toxic.
  15. Don’t worry about other people too much, focus on yourself and everything will fall into place.
  16. You can care about someone without worrying, but you cannot worry without caring.
  17. Walk up the steps at the dodger stadium, or anywhere with stairs please. You are very clumsy.
  18. Lemon lays with Tapatio are the main snack for studying English Literature.
  19. Don’t apologize to anyone for being who you are, apologize to yourself for thinking someone could prove your worth.
  20. Don’t beg anyone to stay, because one day they will realize what they lost on their own.
  21. Giving others advice can heal your wounds, and can make you happier.
  22. It feels nice to love someone and know they love you no matter what. Chase that feeling.
  23. There is no ‘Super Salad’ it is either ‘Soup or Salad’
  24. Songs are not tied to people, they are tied to the moment.
  25. Blackout by Tritonal
  26. Being mean to someone says more about you than the person you are trying to hurt. Even if it sucks, be nice to everyone, especially when they are mean.
  27. Karma exists, and she is a bitch.
  28. You are who you choose to be.

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