17 Things to Change about your Love Life in 2017

img_2558We made it. Hello 2017, I’ve been expecting you.

I hope you are everything last year wasn’t and I hope you make me everything I wasn’t last year. That means I will be strong. I will be positive. I will be kinder to myself this year than I ever was, that slowly I will have a better connection with God, and learn to look past the negative and embrace the positivity, like we all should. I will separate my feelings from my individual goals so I can get them all done. This year holds blessings, and a new beginning to become anything you never attempted to do. Write down your long term and short term goals and slowly accomplish some of them every day so you can feel good. Go to the gym, early in the morning and listen to all of that lively music that got you through last year. It is time for a change. A change that starts with ourselves, so we can change our hearts, minds, and relationships. Everything is happening so fast, but I must keep going. I am still a mess. I am still a working process, and even though it is a new year I cannot lie to myself and say that I am better now. I am glad I am not where I used to be before, but I also know I can be some place better.

So don’t bad talk the people you “left” in 2016. Pray for those you miss, and drifted off. Know that 2017 will bring new love, and new people to meet. We are all together in this, and though it might be a surprising year on the political side, love can conquer all, so we must only believe in that. Above everything, I hope you teach me how to love again. I hope you teach me that not everyone deserves my love, and not everyone is worth fighting for. I know that within these 365 days I will create beautiful experiences that will live on forever. You will bring me love, you will bring me healing, you will bring me peace, but most importantly you will bring me hope to simply be better, and love the people that deserve my love and nothing more.

Here are 17 things:

1. Choose who you give your heart to. Make sure that they deserve your worth, and know it too.

2. Please be kind with other’s hearts too, bring positivity to every relationship either platonic or romantic, because when someone’s heart is in your hands so is a piece of their soul.

3.Remember that the timeline that it takes you to get into a relationship isn’t someone else’s. Whether you are 19, 20, or 25, the time it takes for things to happen to you is the right time. So don’t worry about people’s status’s I promise everyone has their own problems.

4. Someone wanting to be with you out of loneliness or desperation is not love. That is fear of being alone. You are better off being by yourself, than being in that type of relationship.

5.Be comfortable with saying what you mean and feel and standing up for yourself, but also apologize and accept when you are wrong.

6. Don’t worry so much about things you see on social media. Focus on your priorities, disconnect for a while and I mean off of everything, just to experience it. You will find things about yourself you never knew, I guarantee it.

7. Don’t compare your love life, relationships, or even stories to anyone else’s. Behind snapchat pictures, and instagram posts is a completely different one, and trying to figure it out will send you into a maze of overthinking. Just don’t give in, and realize that people can be going through the worst situations and you will never ever know.

8.Stop wasting your time with people who make you feel like you need to change yourself, and people that don’t benefit your life or health.

9.”Understand that if you want to feel the pure high of truly falling in love, you have to be willing to jump and you have to be willing to get hurt.” -TH

10. Remind yourself that it’s completely possible to be in a healthy and happy relationship and also have a solid sense of who you are and keep your independence.

11. If someone does hurt you, remember that it is better to have experienced the pain and joy love can bring, instead of hiding from the world, and avoiding being broken but also missing the chance to experience how much one human heart can feel.

12. Whatever you are doing right now, it is for yourself. Take other people’s advice but always trust yourself to make the best decision for your health.

13. Don’t apologize for having high standards, as long as those standards mean finding someone who treats you right and makes you feel loved. Those high standards mean you want to be respected, and love yourself.

14.You have no reason or obligation to explain your love life to anyone if you don’t want to.

15. Remember that you don’t need a significant other or a partner to combat daily challenges. Put your pride aside and speak to someone if you need help, there will always be people who care and are willing to show you their love as soon as you do. Make more friends, and realize that the people in your family are your best friends.

16.Real love means being exposed to someone’s flaws and still loving every single part of them because it makes you human, and it makes your connection with each other stronger and real.

17. Love yourself enough to know what love you should receive, and who deserves your love. Trust me, you deserve it.


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