With All Things Beautifully Chaotic

Do not let anyone tell you how to love, who to love, or how to. Do not subject to someone else’s ideals of the perfect “love.” Nobody will ever feel what you feel, or see what you see in somebody else, and that is what people sometimes dismiss. Your right to love on this planet which is 4.543 billion years old, and is only getting older by the minute. You have nothing to loose by being imperfect, you have nothing to loose by taking a risk, we are moving at such a rapid rate that we don’t feel the earth rotating with us in the middle. But we do feel love, whether we hurt, or break. We do love someone even if they are broken or hurt, because the chance to love someone is a gift, not a prize. That chance will also get our hearts broken, they will leave us hopeless and alone for trying. But one day there will be one chance we take with someone out there, in a world with 7 billion people, and 196 countries. Just one.

That will give us the chance to love them…


tear into beautiful pieces,

die from the inside

love from the outside

feel hard,

live to fall in love with every


with every fall,

with every thing that kills you, fast and slow

with all things imperfect,

with all things broken

with all things chaotic

will all things damaged

will all things wildly insane

for they are the things that make us fall in love

with people

and the things that make people fall in love

with us.


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