Taking Time For Yourself

“Find yourself in the things you love to do”

I haven’t posted in five days, and it feels great coming back on here. I was sick this week, and it was the worst feeling of my life but I am glad I am better now. Last week as I spoke to an old friend it reminded me of this topic of taking time for yourself. I used to be really bad at this exactly one year ago today. I needed people. It’s not a crime to need others, it’s a crime not to, or pretend like you don’t. I just remember not making any time for things I wanted to do my myself, and not with someone else. I got used to this “idea” that I NEEDED someone, anyone, to do things with. Company is great, but it is only now that I am barley learning how to take time for myself, and I really love it. I do not feel selfish, because it is alleviating. It is also mind-opening, and peaceful to just do things without posting about it, or having someone go with me. Before, I never understood how some people did things alone. How could they not take someone with them? It makes me laugh now, because I didn’t know how to love myself. I didn’t know anything about the things I like, the things I love, the things that motivate me, the things that make me mad, or how I only like oatmeal that is strawberry flavored, or if it has actual strawberries in it…etc. etc.

It might sound puny and insignificant, but you need to take time to realize the small things about yourself. This is when you really start living. When you know more things about yourself than anyone else. When you can become your best friend essentially, you can become anyone’s friend, and most importantly you have a golden sense of self. You are a boss ass bi*** who can do anything. This is what I first spoke about in my intro to this page, if you haven’t read it I’ll link it here so you can take a look at it. read me <<

One thing about myself that I know has changed since last year is that I am very okay with not everything being perfect. I am not perfect, and that is okay. None of us are. Relationships, and friendships are not perfect. They are difficult. They can be loving, or they can be destructive. I am still working on fixing all of mine, but then again that’s the reason why I dedicate this whole blog to LOVE, and RELATIONSHIPS, because it is something I struggle with, and I am sure many out there feel the same way. There are different people. Everyone is afraid to be alone. I know I don’t like being alone, but there is a difference when you wallow in the fact that you are alone, and when you embrace it. You will ALWAYS have at least one person who is willing to hear you out, but you should also be happy when you don’t. Know that you are your own set of decisions, thoughts, and rules. That you either make yourself happy or you make yourself miserable, and that in all makes you a stronger, successful person in every aspect of your life.

When you learn to be okay with you are, you are okay with not needing, or needing someone. You become twice as powerful in a sense, where the power comes from your own acknowledgement of existing, from your quirks and pet peeves, from thinking about where you want to be in 5 or 10 years and if you are doing what you love to do right now. All these things are benefits that come from taking time for yourself. Whether you are in a committed relationship, dating, single, or none of the above.

So make a playlist on spotify for every mood you are in.

Look for your favorite books

Text your mom or dad and ask them if they want to go have breakfast

Make plans for your 21’st birthday that’s two years away, like me

Write your new year resolutions and the one’s you’ve already totally messed up on.

Do things for yourself, they’ll make you a lot happier, and who knows maybe you’ll make it a routine.


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