How to Make It Through the Month of Love – February

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As this month flourishes into the year like no other, I can already say that the aisles at target with valentine candies aren’t that greatest to walk through. But I’m going to wait till they are on sale, and celebrate the low prices of chocolates instead, so I have that going for me. Anyways, I feel like this month is for everyone, but somehow social media, and our pop culture has made it seem like a horrible day for people who are not with someone. I can say that all I am going to need that day is steph’s 808 kanye heartbreak album and some chips, and I will be having the time of my life. So no, you are not alone when you are alone. It is all about how you deal with things, and how you want to spend valentine’s day. It is not easy, being surrounded by the awful things going on in the political side, it makes it harder to be cheerful during times of cheer, but that is exactly why we need to do it. To keep love, and our moments with each other alive.

This February it should be more about loving everything we have in our life, and everyone we have as well. This is usually the time where we hate on our exes, and bad talk the people we aren’t spending valentine’s with anymore, so if you must do that get it all out of your system, and then read this list on what to do to be happy regardless of your relationship status this month.

How to Love More this Month

#1. Make a funny Valentine Card for someone you love  (example: cash this love and affection how bou dah?)

#2. Listen to 808 heartbreak by Kanye West

#3. Pay for someone’s food, or meal

#4. Talk to an old friend, or someone you haven’t made time for in the past. (your family, grandparents, etc.) *split voice*

#5. Pick out some flowers for your mom, boyfriend/girlfriend, or yourself.

#6. realize that this day isn’t a big deal if your single, unless you actually care what people think.

#7. Write down reasons why you love yourself

#8 Realize that our world is crumbling by the second, with politics, the environment, and the injustice, love is literally the only real thing we have.

There are only eight because someone requested I make this post short and to the point, so they can read it. So here it is, I leave with you small steps to being happy this month of love, and reminding you that love is where you want it to be, not where is used to be, or who it used to be with. Love is love, and this month is going to be beautiful, I promise. Just make it happen in your own way. I am writing a lot more poetry this month, (a mix of sappy, sad, happy, and dramatic all in one) so on the bright side I will have that to share with whoever comes across it at the end of these 30 tragic, yet lovely days.


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