The Power of Words

“Words are pale shadows of forgotten names. As names have power, words have power. Words can light fires in the minds of men. Words can wring tears from the hardest hearts.” – Patrick Rothfuss

You can be hurting, and you can have scars from physical wounds, but nothing will stick with you more than the memory of someone’s words. That is why you must choose them wisely, and think before you speak.

Words hurt. Words make us laugh. Words are who we are, some words give life to the dead and broken things in this world. Everything we do revolves around our words. This is why they hold so much power, it is why we can use them to get something we want or desire. The same way we can use them to hurt someone, without even realizing we are doing it. You see, we carry out our days on this earth doing what we think is right, and what we choose to do affects everyone around us. Well, in that same way what we choose to say, and speak about to others also affects people around us, but most importantly it affects our own attitude.

We always say things we do not mean in the heat of the moment, and that is what we often regret later on in the future. We must recognize the power we hold within our words, in order to make them words of positivity towards someone else, words of healing, and words that we ourselves feel good saying out loud into the open. Words do not exist merely in our minds, it is only when they are said out into the open that they harness an unprecedented power to either build or destroy.

We must choose every time to allow our words to create, and to build. To unite two worlds, to make the divided, united instead of separate. I have experienced the power of words with my closest friends, and those friends I have lost but always remember with something good they said to me that stuck. It wasn’t until I could recall conversations, and advice that past people in my life had given me that I realized how much we live through other’s words, and voices. I also learned how words can hurt someone else. How the one way you know that you love someone is if you have no intention of hurting them with your words, and no matter how many horrible things you have lined up to say to them, you refrain. You do not say them, and do not hurt them to gain temporary satisfaction. You cannot, because you realize that when they hurt, you hurt too. That is the power of love, when it gives your words the power to be anything but cruel.

Choose to make your words for the good, and you will never loose a battle.


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