“The American Dream”

The American Dream is what people in this country have fought to keep alive, the reason they migrated to this country. To not only dream of a better life, but actually have it. Today, this is not the case. Today, the American Dream has become a vivid nightmare.


The American Dream is being paid less at your job because you are a woman

The American Dream is drowning in capitalism and killing our environment, our animals, our oxygen

The American Dream is having to explain to my little brother why our color of skin defines the way we live in this world.

The American Dream is me being stereotyped and profiled as i walk down the street in broad daylight

The American Dream is excluding immigrants who have built this country through decades

The American Dream is killing an innocent person because they are African American

The American Dream is blackmailing undocumented people by threatening them with ICE

The American Dream is dropping charges on a guilty man because he is Caucasian

The American Dream is gaining more profit by destroying our wildlife, and ecosystems

The American Dream is degrading women because they are not allowed to have any strengths and just weaknesses

The American Dream is being pepper sprayed for not supporting racism, and marching for what matters to us.

The American Dream is letting an racist anarchist run our country for the next four years

The American Dream is no longer a fictional story, it is an ugly reality.

The oppression in our country is something we must each keep fighting to end. No matter what, we must keep going, and know that we can make a difference by simply being positive.


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