10 Reasons Why You’re Better Than Your Heartbreak

Your heartbreak does not own you, you own your life. You can choose who to be, and who you do and do not let into your life. It is something you can control, but we let things get to us. We let small things ruin our days for what? If he/she texts you, look at it and pause for a second. Take all the time you need and then do what you think is right. But do not go back, do not do that to yourself. You are a millions of things aside from your heartbreak…

  1. You are a beautiful, and radiant soul who finds the good in things when everything is falling apart.
  2. You are a thousand times more “alive” than you ever where with them. Even if you don’t believe it, I do.
  3. The new memories you are making are proof that you don’t need them to love your life, and to know it is worth living.
  4. You smile bigger, and you love harder even when they told you not to love that hard. You still do, and it is because you know it is better to love and loose than to never love at all.
  5. You are finally learning how to love yourself without reassurance, without depending on anyone to help you, but you. OWN IT.
  6. You are inspiring to people who don’t understand love, and you will always know what to say to those going through it.
  7. You’re a boss ass bitch who doesn’t let anything phase them
  8. You care about people, the way nobody else does. That’s what some don’t understand, and they don’t have to.
  9. You are one of those people who doesn’t have to prove to anyone how great you are, because everyone loves you either way.
  10. And most of all, you were good before your heartbreak, and you are way stronger than you ever were right now, because now you have a reason to keep going. You have a reason to be the best thing you can be, to prove to yourself what you can be when nobody’s watching.

So next time you think your heartbreak, or the person who hurt you made you what you are, you are completely wrong. Since when does having someone control your life, or what you do become a normal thing? They do not own you, and they certainly do not own your accomplishments or “glow up” after the break-up. That’s all 100% you.  It is not a sob story, you are not a sob story. You might have been at one point in time, but now you are not.

They do not make you an alcoholic,  nor do not make you the bitter person who protects their heart from everyone. They do not make you a hypocrite, or any of these horrible things. You do that to yourself, and the moment you stop letting someone who isn’t worth it anymore control your life is the moment you’ll realize you had the power in you to stop it all along.


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