Winds of April & How I started Writing

It’s April and I have to say, the months feel like seconds so far. Where has time gone? Some days it goes by fast, others it goes by slow and I have to catch my breathe to figure out what’s happening. Lately I’ve been planning a lot of things I want for this blog, and my vision of it in the next two years.
Many people ask me what this blog is about, or how I began to write in it and I never fully gave an explanation out into the open for people to read. So this will be my re-intro to begin the month of April, ending the month of March which to me was the loveliest and most melancholy month of this year so far.

I began this blog after a heartbreak. It was not one, but many heartbreaks that lead me to write about the subject of love, my experiences with it, and articles about relationships.
I became inspired by one of my friends who had a WordPress in the summer of 2016, and he suggested I make one to collect all my poetry. That’s when everything started, and when I began to write more. After loosing people I loved I realized that love is something that we can’t ever understand. I noticed people claim to have it, or feel it, or loose it, but no one really knows how it happens. Whether it be with one person, whether it be in a friend we confine in, love is love, and it is the most beautiful mystery in this life to discover. To be loved. That is why I write, so I can share my experiences. My feelings. My deepest sorrows, in hopes that someone will be healed by knowing they are not alone. You never are when it comes to feeling broken or misunderstood.

However, I also learned that not everyone deserves your love, and it’s not good to have unrealistic notions of what love is because that’s where things get messy.

This new month of April marks the one year and a half that I left the toxic people in my life, and that is something that I thank myself for. It is why I salute this month for being powerful and strong. For introducing itself to me without those people, and without regrets. I laughed a lot this week, maybe too much, but it’s Jessica’s fault. I love her for being with me this week as I make the transition into a new life.

April, what’s new?


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