May you bring new Beginnings, and New Love

Hello May.

I’m happy you’re here. You are my favorite month because it’s the time where I get to write a poem for my mom on Mother’s day, and for nostalgic reasons I can’t seem to erase from my mind. I am sitting under a tree right now, and it’s pretty windy for the first day of May, but I love the feeling already. Ever since this year began I decided to replace every month of last year, with a month from this year to start over and turn over a new leaf. So far, I have loved these past months more than I could write on here, because they have held me with care and hope. I have held myself with love and hope too. Giving myself time to grieve losses and deal with pain has been a healthy way to mend my scars from the past.

Today marks a year since I began writing poetry to survive the depths of my heart and mind. This month last year was the month where I felt so much. More than I thought I was capable of ever feeling. It was my month of insane courage, wild dreams, chaotic nights turned into mornings, undoubted fearlessness, first love, and pure unfiltered happiness, I can still remember.  It is now a year since I endured all of that, since I experienced my feeling of “being in love” and the feeling of loosing someone I love too. That is why this is my goodbye to last May, and all the wonderful things it may have conjured up. It is goodbye to reminiscing you, and goodbye to the feelings you may have brought, no matter how strong or how real. You were beautiful in every way to me, and I don’t know if I will ever forget the way your cold nights felt on my skin. The way the lights shone in my eyes for the very first time from the view of my hometown, as I sat next to the person I loved very much. I say goodbye to you, but I thank you for being the kindest month of May, and making me the happiest for thirty days. I miss you sometimes, but I am content you made it into my life somehow.

To May 2017, I hope you bring light and strength. I hope you replace those thirty days, and re-new my feelings. May you bring even more blessings, and happier days. I hope you guide me into the direction where I can grow from my mistakes, and I can feed off of positive energy. I hope you can be kinder to me in ways I never thought were possible, because now I know I deserve that. May you be the life and the truth I never saw last may with the wrong person, and may you ignite my soul with the places I love, and the people I still have by my side.

May was and always will be a month close to my heart, for every reason I write on this blog, and for every reason that doesn’t yet exist. Here’s to my new love who I appreciate every day, and to a new beginning with everything in between.


2 thoughts on “May you bring new Beginnings, and New Love

  1. You’re words are awesome! Thanks for being a powerful writer thanks for sharing your views and thoughts inspires me to not keep things bottled up so much say things with out feeling self conscious..your writing is appreciated happy one year of writing!

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