Too Soon for June

June you are my rose, your days are the petals I rip apart as days go,

touch my skin with your sun

kiss me gently with the warmth i never got from a summer ago

dont leave me, don’t let me go

i need your grace to give me


But only time will let me know


Just like that it’s the half way mark for 2017.

Summer is here, a new wave of memories clinging from my neck. Hmm. June is the month where everything is in the middle, and ironically so am I. I am in the middle of figuring out myself, my emotions, my addictions, my relationships, my mental and physical health, and my career path. This is the month of my new identity as well, which I explained in the previous post of starting over. I feel like becoming invisible for a few weeks at the moment, or living on an island where no one can find me for a few years. It’s just one of those off months, but despite the complications I am feeling deeply inspired all throughout.

Somethings I’d like to improve on are:

“not letting people’s negative words bring me down”

“learning to love myself, no matter what happens in my life”

“being my best friend, and buying myself coffee whenever I feel like it”

“smiling more often, because I hate my smile”

“Accepting that not everyone can stay in my life, some people will always stay in my heart”


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