How to Keep Good Vibes Through Your Negative Thoughts

“Don’t surrender all your joy to an idea you used to have about yourself, that isn’t true anymore.”

This week I’ve been in an emotional and reminiscent state of mind. I feel as if the past has a hard time letting go sometimes..

when we overthink.

That’s something I have learned. When you think too much, you end up dragging something back that was left long ago. It’s something your mind does automatically because we let negative things latch onto us more than the positive ones. You could have caring people around you, a house, a car, and an education and that still stops you from seeing the good in your life. From seeing the blessings that surround you every day when you wake up. Sometimes I feel as if I’ve already lived the best days of my life, other times like this weekend, I end up hanging out with my best friends and realize the best days keep happening over and over.

The best things in life bring you joy, therefore the best things in life are not what you have. They are not the amount of money you spend, or the number of followers on your page. (Although it may bring joy to others, it is not a long-term joy that can fill your insides when you’re alone. When you’re sad. When you are so sad, you can’t get out of bed in the morning. These things don’t feed us. They don’t give you what your SOUL needs, which is love, leave, eternity. They give you temporary satisfaction.

Our acceptance for what we have does. Your agreement to be happy no matter what life throws at you, or how it throws it at you. I lost my ID and license today, and my friend reminded me to “just be happy, and not worry about it too much,” which made me realize the importance having less stress, so we can have more joy. Despite me being frustrated, I took her advice and in that moment I released all of the negative outcomes my mind was making up already about not finding my ID’s, not getting into the venue, and someone taking my identity. It completely released my negative energy I was starting to form and I was just living. Without fear of what was going to happen, without thinking too much about future events that haven’t happened.

I did that, and I felt lighter.

I trusted myself, and told myself, “it’s gonna be ok” Then I freaked out all over again once we got back to our hotel.

It was just me changing my way of thinking that didn’t affect my mood. My happiness with my friends.

I think this is something you can do with the past too. Past thoughts, past weaknesses, and just past in general. Remember them. Hold them. But do not let them control you. It is something I am constantly battling with, but maybe you are too. Maybe something everyone can relate to?

Changing your mind, is your choice. When I forget to not let my past, or negative situations ruin my mood completely, I remind myself that “you can’t control people’s actions, but YOU CAN control your reactions to them”

Your past isn’t a reflection of who you are now, it’s a lesson you learned to help you grow. Once you got that memorized everywhere you go, nothing, and no one can tear you down, because you are so fixed on your positive mindset. Move forward, move ahead, and if you need to move backwards, by all means do it, but only if it is being used to motivate yourself to reach higher goals, to meet better people, to DO BETTER.

Love you people, stay positive and carry the good vibes for me, whenever you go!!


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