Game changer

You entered my life as fast as you left,

In reverse for a change, like the rollercoasters I don’t like to ride at amusement parks.

Independence Day

I think about you heartbroken

watching the fireworks alone

you without me, one without the other

how does it feel?

do memories come rushing in, as I lay my sweet eyes into the depths of the sky.

I think about her leaving you, and how you still want her back,

do not hurt my love,

do not hurt as I did once when you left me.

I do not wish that on you.

give it time, give her enough time that time has grown old and tired of you

then when it has passed, tell her you love her

tell her what I dreamed of you telling me

do not let her hurt too,

if you could do anything for me, do not let her slip away like water down your fingers,

do not let her go.


You were the sun, and I was the moon

Complete opposites, but I could find you on cold nights

And you found me in blazing summers

To balance the waves crashing within you,

I settled them, you stirred them wild

I wanted to be yours then,

but you burned me

Before we ever caught dawn

The stars are home

The stars take care of me now

Whenever I look up

They remind me I’m not alone

They remind me that they never left

As I gaze up to the constellations

Each gleam in my eye

Takes me back to summer

But now

Everything is different, but everything is better.

9pm nights

The night shines like no other light as I sit here,

Looking up

There is no vast darkness,

Only light in the stars

While the city is

Half awake and half asleep

The stars keep on shining

Without tiring out

It resembles your light,

And your restless soul

I hope you keep it forever and never

Let it go.

For them

we suffer for the right

people, we let go of our pride

we put our egos aside

and we hurt, easily

endlessly, and it is

all temporary hell

for the right to love


years from now when i see you again, it won’t be the same

you will not own my name on your voice,

i will hold it with my own

your smile will feel faint,

and mine will taint you

your words will be empty

and mine will be a thousand forgotten songs

the ones i now sing to someone new

your stories will be a memory

and mine will be dreams i had

years from now, you and i will be two people, who finally grew up

from the love we wore on our sleeves, the lies we hung from our necks

the creases made from our cheeks, and scars of our past will collide at last,

we will remember our fire; the love of two kids

who started out too young,

with the world in the palm of our hands,

but hearts in the hands of the world.

September grows

it grows on us

the way we pick up pieces

of others for ourselves

to keep, we become

what we would have

loved to see in

them, it’s when we no longer

recognize what we took

away, but rather what

we gave

that reminds us

why we love in the

first place.


No one can change who you love, or who they make you become

or how you let them kill you, but you.

There will be a person that will cross our hearts more than our path

taint our ideas of love, our notions of living

make us hurt more, to let us feel more

their face will seem lost in a haze,

not recognizable to past and future

because they seem too surreal, and they will burn so bright, the need for light is non-existent

they will become the music, waves of sounds beating with each pulse

they will take over your life in the blink of an eye, and you’ll never believe your heart or mind

they will make you question yourself more than ever before

as you hold your chest and catch your breathe

they will make you the happiest person in this giant blue terrain

they will cut you deeply, then heal you with one look

they will take your nights of sleep

and make them nights of thoughts and love

they will make you realize who you are the hard way,

but despite everything,

they will fill your soul with such a radiant electric glow

that you will realize they only came into your life to help you grow